💣[STEAM] Account🎮 Random Games Collection⭐10+⭐

Buy random accounts 💣[STEAM] Account🎮 Random Games Collection⭐10+⭐

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Description of product

After payment, you instantly receive the Steam account in the form of Login: Pass with the presence of 10 + random games.

✅ We provide a guarantee🛡️ 7 days from the date of purchase!
✅The account is very often found many newly released games as well as the most popular.
❌ Vac blocking is possible on the account
❌ The access to the mail and the phone is not provided.
❌ Changing the account data and settings is prohibited, you play according to the data provided.
(Violators will be blocked and deprived of access to the account without returning funds.)

⚠️ 📹 Form of replacement you need to shoot videos from buying an account to the entrance to it! (Rules concern everyone)
The video should begin before payment, (the video should be seen in the system time on your PC) and end after the moment of entering the data provided by the post/account.
⚠️ The seller reserves the right to refuse support without providing this video.

❗ Auditative request! Do not leave a negative review before communication with the seller.

Additional information

❗ [Before purchase, carefully read all the conditions. If you disagree at least one of the items, please refrain from buying. ]
📌 If the goods did not approach you for any technical characteristics, then the claims are not accepted.
The best events that occur on the account on your responsibility, there is no refund!
📌 The store is not responsible for the safety of your data on your computer!
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