💥 10000/15000 promo code 💥 New DOMAINS 💥 Yandex Direct

Buy promo code 💥 10000/15000 promo code 💥 New DOMAINS 💥 Yandex Direct

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Description of product

Yandex Direct promo code with a face value of 5000 rubles when replenished by 10,000 rubles; excluding VAT.

To get a Yandex Direct promo code, you need to:
• 1. After purchase, you will receive a unique code (this is not a Yandex Direct promo code);
• 2. Give us a unique code and enter the domain (site) you are going to advertise in the commandary;
• 3. Within three days (usually no more than 12 hours) we will send you the details from the mail with the coupon issued.

It's important! The promo code can be used on the account only on which you received it.
promo code is not suitable for previously advertised domains.

Activation conditions:
• The activated promo code will be canceled in case changing a domain or adding any other domain to the ad account;
• The promo code cannot be used for advertising without specifying a domain (virtual business cards) and for advertising mobile apps. However, the account should not repeat contact information;
• Subject to general requirements, the promo code cannot be used to advertise a third-level domain (for example, mysite.hosting.rf) or pages in social networks;
• By purchasing a promotional code, you agree to Yandex's rules https://yandex.ru/legal/support_campaign;
• Each promotional code has its own activation period, it is specified at the time of purchase, and the activation guarantee is 24 hours.

IMPORTANT! The promo code cannot be used for:
- an account with redirect links;
- advertising mobile applications;
- advertising several sites;
- advertising campaigns without a website (only with virtual business cards);
- third-level domain or subdomain ads (for example, mysite.hosting.rf);
- advertising a page on social networks.

So that there are no problems with accounts:
1) Log in to your account — Manage account — Email and phone numbers — Add a recovery address (Enter your email here, which you always have access to)
2) Log in from the 1st device (exactly PC/laptop)
3) After the deposit, in order to be sure to protect yourself, you need to:
-log in to your Yandex Direct account -- then click on the left on Information —- Your representatives —- Appoint a new representative —- Sign him up —-Then appoint him as the main one (There will be full access to the account with the money)

By purchasing a promo code, you agree to Yandex's rules yandex.ru/legal/support_campaign
Pay attention to point 12!

I guarantee that the coupon is working.

If you have any problems, please continue to contact Yandex support!

Additional information

Under warranty, I quickly replace the promotional code. There is no refund if you suddenly change your mind about using the promo code.
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