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Description of product

Yandex Direct promo code with a face value of 3,000 rubles when topped up by 6,000 rubles; excluding VAT.

To get a Yandex Direct promotional code, you need:
• 1. After the purchase, you will receive a unique code (this is not a Yandex Direct promotional code);
• 2. Give us a unique code and indicate in the comment the domain (website) that you are going to advertise;
• 3. During the day (usually no more than 6 hours) we will send you data from the mail, with the issued coupon.

Important! The promo code can only be applied to the account on which it was received.
The promotional code is not suitable for previously advertised domains.

Activation conditions:
• The activated promotional code will be canceled if the domain is changed or any other domain is added to the advertising account;
• The promo code cannot be used for advertising without specifying a domain (virtual business cards) and for advertising mobile applications. But, the contact information should not be repeated in the account;
• If the general requirements are met, the promotional code cannot be used to advertise a third-level domain (for example, or pages on social networks;
• By purchasing a promo code, you agree to the Yandex rules;
• Each promotional code has its own activation period, it is specified upon purchase, the activation guarantee is 24 hours.

By purchasing this promotional code, you agree to the terms of return and exchange:
Attention! All risks and costs of providing incorrect information are borne by the buyer.

Additional information

How to activate the coupon:
1. Log in to your Yandex account, which comes with a coupon;
2. Change your account login information, if required, to do this, go to "Account Management" ( and change your password, secret word or link additional. mail and telephone;
3. Upload your campaign to your Yandex Direct account;
4. After passing the moderation, issue an invoice for 6,000 rubles. + VAT with promo code. You can enter any information about the payer.
5. Pay the bill, the balance will be 9,000 rubles.
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