🎮 FIFA 22 Standard Edition (PS4/RUS) 🔥✅Forever

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✅A lifetime warranty!
✅ All regions of PlayStation users can activate, download and play
✅When you connect your account to the console, the game will be available to all other accounts on the console.
Region: Russia
Platform: PS4
Games on my account: FIFA 22

🔥Account balance can be ❗️SOME HUNDREDS OF RUBBER GIFT❗️, you will not find this at any other merchant. Accounts are clean, bought personally by me, so I give a lifetime guarantee on your account!!!🔥
Instructions on how to use:

1. Create a new user, when you turn on the console or long press "PS" button.

2. Then enter the username and password of the purchased account.

3. activate your account.

4. Go to the library and download FIFA 22.

5. Play through a purchased profile or on your main account.

6. It is forbidden to change any data on your account.

7. It is forbidden to transfer the account data to third parties.


1. If you get a code when you first log in to your account, you need to restart the console and add the account again, if after that you get a confirmation code again, just email us and we will give it to you.

2. If there are some problems with the account, please contact us in our chat, we don't do refund, we solve the problem with the account or give you a replacement.

Closing the official Playstation RU Store has no effect on the work and launch have bought games.
Everything is working as before❗️

You are buying an official PSN account with FIFA 22 RUS for PS4.

Additional information

If it asks for a code when you first log in, then you need to restart the PS4 console and try to add an account to the console again, if it still requires a code, then write to the seller and request a login code.
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