Google AdWords promo code (coupon) $350/350. Chili.

Buy promo code Google AdWords promo code (coupon) $350/350. Chili.

Transaction Guarantee
Instant receipt

Description of product

A $350 promo code, assuming you spend $350.
Validity period: activate within 3 days.
Can only be used by new Google AdWords customers.
In accounts with a Chilean billing address, no older than 14 days.

Additional information

Instructions for using the coupon:

Create a new Google AdWords account.

Within 14 days from the date of account creation, enter the specified member coupon code in the “Payment” tab.

Within 60 days of the introduction of the coupon, spend at least $350 on Google AdWords ads.

The coupon reward amount will be received within 5 working days after you spend the specified minimum amount.
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