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Don't miss the opportunity to claim your BRAND NEW EPIC GAMES account with GTA 5!
✔️Brand new account with GTA 5 Premium Edition (What is included in the Premium edition can be found below).
✔️Social club is not linked (Create a personal one).
✔️Access story and online modes! Also suitable for RP.
✔️The account has never been played! There are no bans and there cannot be)
✔️The account will remain with you forever!
✔️Perfect account to start playing GTA 5!
✔️Given with the mail!
✔️Full access and complete change of data (Name, password, mail).
✔️100% guarantee on all accounts!
If you have any questions - write to me!

ATTENTION! In GTA Online, the GTA$1,000,000 cash bonus included with the Premium Edition of the Criminal Organization Starter Pack may only appear in the user's account 7-10 days after the first game session in GTA Online.
Q: What is the Crime Organization Starter Pack for GTAV?

Answer: The Crime Organization Starter Pack is the fastest way for new players to build their own criminal empire in Grand Theft Auto Online.

This pack gives you access to some of the most exciting and popular content in GTA Online, including real estate, businesses, armory, vehicles and more, worth over GTA$10,000,000.

What is included in the Crime Organization Starter Pack:

Extra money in the game:

💲 1 000 000 GTA 💲

⭐ Properties:

◦ Office in the west building of Maze Bank.
◦ Bunker in Paleto Forest.
◦ A counterfeit banknote printing shop in the Senora Desert.
◦ Clubhouse in the Great Chaparral.
◦ Apartment at 1561 San Vitas Street.
◦ 10 car garage at 1337 Exceptionalist Way.

⭐ Transport:

◦ Dune FAV.
◦ Maibatsu Frogger.
◦ Enus Windsor.
◦ Obey Omnis.
◦ Coquette Classic.
◦ Turismo R.
◦ Pegassi Vortex.
◦ Huntley S.
◦ Western Zombie Chopper.
◦ Banshee.

⭐ Combat arsenal, clothes and tattoos:

◦ Shortened grenade launcher.
◦ Precision Rifle.
◦ Shortened rifle.
◦ Stunt costumes, Import/Export costumes, biker tattoos.

❗ Materials, including vehicles, will be labeled "FREE". Exchange and replacement of these items are not allowed (for example, when selling, you will not receive money for them and you cannot, by purchasing a set, receive in-game money instead of the materials offered in the set).

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If there are any problems with logging in, then carefully reread the login instructions and you will succeed! Do you have any questions? Write me! I will answer as soon as I can)
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