🔥 FAR CRY 6 + PRE-ORDER DLC| License + GIFT 🎁

Buy offline account 🔥 FAR CRY 6 + PRE-ORDER DLC| License + GIFT 🎁

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Description of product

By purchasing a product, you purchase a FAR CRY 6 Account for UPLAY. There may be other games on your account!
After payment you will receive an account of the form - Login: password!

Available languages:
- Voice acting: Russian, English.
- Interface: Russian.
- Subtitles: Russian.

Activation takes place without the use of third-party programs!

0. Download Uplay-RIP via torrent!
1. We go to UPLAY with the login and password that you received
2. Download and install the game
3. Turn on the game before the game menu appears
4. Leave the game
5. In UPLAY, in the upper left corner, click on the menu (3 strips) - go offline
6. Start the game
7. Keep UPLAY always offline

⭐️ You acquire personal accounts registered by legal means!
⭐️ The game is premeditated only in offline mode!
⭐️ Detailed instructions for activating your account, which will take you no more than 2 minutes!

✅ Licensed accounts, they will never be restored or hacked;
✅ Lifetime warranty includes ongoing support;
✅ Compares favorably with buying a game on Steam. (Not all games support Online mode, it makes no sense for you to overpay to complete the story mode)
✅ It is safer to download games from third-party resources, often such attempts to play result in a bunch of viruses and problems;
✅ Ability to play on the day the game is released;
✅ You will receive all game updates at the time of their release;

🔻 It is forbidden to change account data!
🔻 Activation is performed on one PC and does not provide for its transfer to third parties, as well as changing the gaming device or platform;
🔻If the product did not suit you for any technical characteristics, then claims will not be accepted;

Additional information

🎁 As a gift you are guaranteed to receive a random Steam key! Sometimes a gift pays for the entire purchase!
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