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After payment of the order, the system will automatically (without our participation) instantly send you
license activation key for the game "Battlefield 4"

Language: Russian, English (US), Cesky, Deutsch (DE), Espanol (ES), Francais (FR), Italiano, Polski, Portugues (BR)
Region: Activation is possible in any country.
Platform: PC
Activation: Origin
Publishers: Electronic Arts
Release Date: 10/29/2013

1. Download and install Origin. (
2. Launch Origin.
3. Select the interface language and the place where the game will be installed.
4. Go to the "Origin-Activate Product Code" section.
5. Enter the key received after payment.
6. After activating the game, a bookmark appears with your profile and a list of activated games.
7. Select Battlefield 4 and click "Start."
8. Download and install the game.

Game Description:
Battlefield 4 is a genre-defining action packed action movie woven from
moments that blur the line between game and magnificence. Based on powerful
and robust Frostbite 3 graphics technology, Battlefield 4 offers immersion
in a unique gaming environment that is striking in its realism.
Only in Battlefield can you destroy buildings in which the enemy is hiding.
Only in Battlefield will you lead an assault aboard an armed
boats. Battlefield gives you even more freedom in actions and actions,
allowing you to enjoy your advantages and pave your own path to victory.
In addition to the reference multiplayer mode, Battlefield 4 has a rich
a dramatic campaign with interesting characters that begins with the evacuation
American VIPs from Shanghai and talks about further attempts by your
detachment find the way home.
It does not compare with anything. Immerse yourself in the magnificent chaos of total war,
specific to Battlefield games only.

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