The Battle for the Hut [STEAM KEY]
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The Battle for the Hut [STEAM KEY]

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No one knows where the vile monsters that flooded the land came from. They destroy everything in their path. The only place they have not yet reached is the royal castle. Strong walls hold back the invasion. Take a bow, sharp arrows and protect the city from uninvited guests! In addition to the bow, use the spells of the three elements. Ice, flame and lightning will help destroy the most powerful enemies.

For each level you pass, you get stars, money and experience. The number of stars is awarded for the preservation of the walls, and experience is given for each killed monster. As soon as the experience bar is filled, you get a level, and you have access to new skills. Buy them for the stars in the main menu of the game. In addition, after reaching level 6 you will get the opportunity to change the appearance of arrows.
Gold is a valuable resource. It will help you cope with the next attack. Before each battle, use coins to buy one-time power-ups.

Game Features:
★ Easy mouse control!
★ 13 colorful levels!
★ 2 challenging bosses!
★ 3 types of spells: ice, flame and lightning!
★ 4 types of arrows!
★ 20 types of enemies!
★ Upgrade system with experience and stars!
★ Buy one-time power-ups before every battle!

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