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⭐ Hello friend! ⭐

By purchasing this product, you are guaranteed to receive "Random Weapons" from our bots.
✅ You must provide a unique code, after verification of which your item will be sent to you.
✅ It is necessary to indicate your link to the exchange before payment (see below for instructions on how to find out the link to exchange).
✅ Make sure that you have Steam Guard turned on, inventory is open and exchange is working (see instructions below).
✅ Exchange is not possible to an account where there is any game blocking.
✅ Delivery may take up to 24 hours!
✅ In the event of any problem, all issues are resolved only in the "Correspondence with the seller."

❗ The choice of skin and its quality is determined automatically.
❗This can be any skin from the list:

StatTrak ™ AK-47 | Azimov (any quality)
• M4A4 | Howl (any quality)
• AWP | The story of the dragon (any quality)
★ StatTrak ™ Bayonet | Gradient (any quality)
• M4A1-S | Knight (any quality)
• AWP | Azimov (directly from the factory)
• Desert Eagle | Flame (Factory New)
★ StatTrak ™ Butterfly Knife | Waves (any quality)
• M4A4 | Poseidon (any quality)
• MP7 | Snow Fog (Factory New)
• AK-47 | Azimov (any quality)
• StatTrak ™ AK-47 | Empress (any quality)
★ Hand Winding | Blue Skulls (Field-Tested)
• M4A1-S | Chantico Fire (any quality)
• AK-47 | Volcano (any quality)
★ Special Forces Gloves | Base (any quality)
• Souvenir USP-S | Asphalt Traces (Factory New)
• AK-47 | Fuel injector (any quality)
• FAMAS | Contrast colors (Factory New)
• AUG | Akihabara (Factory New)
• AWP | Great Demon (Factory New)
• MP9 | Bulldozer (Factory New)
• AWP | BACH (any quality)

or any other skin of any quality.

The likelihood of a StatTrak ™ skin drop is 23%
The likelihood of a skin drop in the category "Souvenir" is 10%
You can increase the chance of getting a more expensive and rarer skin on the payment page, before the purchase!

📝How to find out your link to exchange? -
In the Steam client:
1. Go into your inventory.
2. Click on the “Exchange Offers” button.
3. Click on “Who can send me exchange offers?”
4. Create a new link or copy (if you already have one) and paste into the form upon purchase.
On Steamcommunity.com:
1. Log in to the Steam website.
2. Follow the link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/me/tradeoffers/privacy#trade_offer_access_url
3. Your link will be written below, if it is not there, create a new one.

📝How do I know if an exchange works on an account? -
On the "Marketplace" page on the website or in the Steam client there is information whether the exchange is available to you or not. If not, then the reason for the block is written, how to remove it and after how much the exchange will be available on your account. Note: You can specify a link to exchange from any account, it can be a friend’s account or any other your account where exchange is possible.

Additional information

🔵 As a BONUS, you receive a gift certificate in the amount of 5% of the value of the goods that you can spend on this trading platform. It will be on the purchase page called "Seller Bonus".

🔵 After the purchase, you are automatically given a promo code for a 10% discount on subsequent purchases, which is valid for a week. This promo code is valid for ANY product of our store.
🔵 As a gift, you are guaranteed to receive a random Steam key! Sometimes a gift pays for the whole purchase!
Everything is very simple, to receive a gift you need:
1) Click on the "Good" review.
2) Leave your review and add "I want a gift."
3) Within 1-2 days you will receive a gift in correspondence.
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