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Battlefield 3 Close Quarters [ORIGIN][CD-KEY][ROW]DLC

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- You buy ORIGIN - CD Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Expansion [DLC Origin] (region FREE)
- This key has no regional activation restrictions

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters requires an installed licensed version of Battlefield 3

Activation: Origin
Release Date: June 26, 2012
Localization: Russian, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
Activation: REGION FREE
Developers: DICE
Publishers: Electronic Arts

Close Quarters is a new addition to Battlefield 3 for team play in close combat. The fascinating infantry battles of Close Quarters are enhanced by unprecedented destruction in high resolution, new game features, new weapons and endurance testing.
In Close Quarters, all destruction is realized with the highest definition (HD). To get to the enemy faster, players can destroy everything around, observing the result of their actions in the form of stone and other debris scattered everywhere.
The close design of Close Quarters levels and many opportunities for vertical gameplay force the player to squeeze the most out of his skills (if, of course, he wants to stay alive in this theater of war).

Key features of the Battlefield 3 DLC: Close Quarters:
- In Close Quarters, you are immersed in a frantic and merciless battle of infantrymen!
- In Close Quarters, you should always be in motion and look around, as death can appear from any angle and at any time!
- In Close Quarters, you are allowed to destroy everything around! Everything! In HD!
- In Close Quarters, you earn new weapons, which you can then use in the main game!
- In Close Quarters completing tasks, you get new tokens!
- Play Close Quarters in a new way, implement and mix team tactics, learn to instantly respond to a constantly changing environment around you!

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Additional information

Game activation:

- Download and install Origin. ( )
- Launch Origin.
- Choose the interface language and the place where the game will be installed.
- Go to the "Origin-Configuration and Management" section.
- Select "Activate Product Code".
- Enter the key received after payment.
- After activating the game, a bookmark appears with your profile and a list of activated games.
- Select Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Expansion [Pack DLCOrigin] and press "Start".

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