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Eternal Lords is a major, second expansion for the famous strategy game Age of Wonders III, released a year ago. It includes the races of tigers and Frostling, as well as a new class - the necromancer. In this addition, the player will act in the world on the verge of disaster. The addition features also include a new race management system. It allows you to use the features of each race so that they are consistent with strategic objectives. The development of empire and diplomacy reached a new level. Master the forbidden forces and rule forever!
Eternal Lords additions include:
Necromancer Class: Necromancer legions sweep away everything in their path to create an eternal kingdom and unite all races of the world after death. The necromancer creates stunning squads of undead, such as Bone Collectors - crab-like monsters that devour corpses to become stronger. The necromancer calls for other units. These include, for example, Banshees, who instill terror in the souls of living beings. Black magic allows the necromancer to turn urban residents into undead, into obedient ghoul servants.
Specializations "Torchbearers", "Gray Guardians" and "Tenorborn": champions of good, balance and evil, respectively. This makes the mood mechanism deeper and allows players of all classes to better understand the challenges that face them in the new era. Learn spells that summon powerful angels - the combat units of the final part of the game that embody your element.
Frostling race: Frostling is a race of humanoid creatures that has appeared in the snowy north. Under the leadership of the ice queens, they often raid warmer lands. Frostlings - experienced sailors, warriors and adepts of cold magic. With their raids, they terrify all the inhabitants of the coast. Frostlings are even more dangerous in their native arctic climate. There they build cities, carving them into glaciers, which they hope will someday cover the whole earth.
Tigran Race: These cat-like creatures live in a distant desert. They worship the sun and follow the cycles of day and night, life and death. Their natural interest in black magic and the transition of souls to the afterlife inspired the tigers to build huge tombs. Tigers are born sprinters. In battle, they move faster than representatives of other races, and their mystics know how to turn into terrible panthers.

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