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🎮 Product Information 🎮:

✅Data view: Login: Password
✅All accounts with licensed games.
✅ There may be other games on the account, they come as a bonus from us :)
✅Login is through the Origin client -
✅Before buying an account, check the configuration of your PC for compliance with the minimum requirements of the game. If your computer does not meet the minimum requirements, then we are not responsible for the goods you purchase.

• By purchasing this product you automatically agree to the rules of the seller.
• Warranty for the product 2 months from the date of purchase.
• A maximum of 4 replacements are possible under warranty.
• Warranty for wholesale customers - only at the time of purchase.
• Access to mail and security question is not provided.
• Data change is prohibited.
• The presence of the Russian language is not guaranteed.
• The region of the account is random.

❤️ After the purchase, you automatically receive a promotional code for a 10% discount on new purchases. Affects ANY product of our store.
❤️ BONUS! This is a gift certificate that you can spend on this trading platform. It will be on the purchase page called "Seller Bonus".
❤️ As a gift, you are guaranteed to receive a random Origin account, where there will be at least one paid game! Sometimes a gift pays for the whole purchase!

Additional information

🔵 First of all, do not worry and do not write negative reviews.
🔵 Write to us by going to the website:
🔵 In the "My purchases" section, log in, select the problem purchase
🔵 Open the tab: "Correspondence", describe the problem and we will certainly help you.
🔵 The seller will reply to your message within 1-24 hours.
🔵 Refund is possible only in one case, if the seller is not able to make a replacement.

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