Google Adwords Coupon $ 100 / $ 25 for USA / USA

Buy promo code Google Adwords Coupon $ 100 / $ 25 for USA / USA

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There are absolutely all Google AdWords coupons on sale for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries.

100% guarantee that all coupons are as described and working!

- Coupon only for US accounts;
- The certificate can be activated within 14 days from the date of registration of a new account;
- To activate an account and subsequently credit the promotional code, you need to enter payment data, make a minimum payment of $ 25, enter a coupon and spend more than $ 25 on clicks within 30 days
- Crediting $ 100 comes within 24 hours after the advertising costs have reached the above amount;
- The replacement warranty covers 24 hours from the date of purchase and ONLY on expired coupons;
- Only one coupon can be entered in one account;
- By creating new accounts and using our coupons, you can constantly save on advertising!
- We also remind you that when buying coupons from us, you get a cumulative discount!
- In the event of an account lockout, a refund for the coupon and your other expenses are not carried out. Claims are not accepted;
- By paying a coupon you automatically agree to the above conditions.

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Attention! You can only use the promotional code in your new Google AdWords account, which is no more than 14 days from the date of registration.

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