Random key Origin + BONUS + GIFT + DISCOUNT 15%
Random keys (try your luck)

Random key Origin + BONUS + GIFT + DISCOUNT 15%

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Discount 12%

Description of goods

After payment, you will instantly receive a key to activate the game in Origin + GIFT for each purchase! Prices for games in the Origin store are MUCH higher - you are definitely WINNING!
The keys are mixed. Which game will fall out to you is decided by the system.
Such series of games are possible as: Battlefied V, Titanfall 2, FIFA 20, Dead Space 3, Plants vs Zombies, Command and Conquer, Sims 4 and others.

A repeat is possible, but this is rarely the case if you buy several pieces at once. If the message 鈥淵ou already have this product鈥 appeared when activating the key, the key is working, but there is already an activated game on this Steam account, it can be transferred to another Origin user (friend) for activation.
More details in the description below.

鈼 All keys are OFFICIALLY distributed by digital distribution.
By purchasing this product, you are guaranteed to get a working Origin key for a paid game, nor any free games.
The keys have no regional restrictions \ Region Free.

Additional information

=========== Activation: ===========
1. Download and install Origin. (http://www.origin.com/download)
2. Launch Origin.
3. Select the interface language and the place where the game will be installed.
4. Go to the "Origin-Configuration and Management" section.
5. Select "Activate Product Code".
6. Enter the key received after payment.
7. After activating the game, a bookmark appears with your profile and a list of activated games.

鈼 As a GIFT, you receive a gift certificate in the amount of 15% of the value of the goods that you can spend on this trading platform. It will be on the purchase page called "Seller Bonus".

鈼 After the purchase, you will automatically receive a promo code for a 15% discount on subsequent purchases, which is valid for a week. This promo code is valid for ANY product of our store. More details: http://cs608123.vk.me/v608123178/1bec/gsEmvXwEX00.jpg
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