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Mirror's Edge Catalyst [ORIGIN] + gift

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Get an Origin licensed account with Mirror's Edge Catalyst
Many accounts other than Mirror's Edge Catalyst may have other games, they go like bonuses.

The account will be delivered instantly, you can find it in the "Paid goods" field. Read more: vk.cc/3H8Q4q

Accounts of the form: Login: Password

Game description
Join Faith, the fearless parkour woman battling for freedom in the City of Mirrors. Terrible secrets are hidden behind the deceptive appearance of this elegant technogenic metropolis. Explore every corner of a huge city - from sun-drenched skyscrapers to dark and dirty underground tunnels - there are no inaccessible places for Faith. Use all the advantages of a first-person view and combine the smooth movements of the heroine and her skillful fighting skills with the opportunities that her environment provides to conquer the urban jungle and uncover a conspiracy. Mirror's Edge sets new standards in the action-adventure genre for a new generation of games.

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Our group: vk.com/dimikey_com (We daily distribute Steam keys)
Reviews about us: vk.com/topic-160713532_36764787

◘ After the purchase, you will automatically receive a promo code for a 15% discount on subsequent purchases, which is valid for a week. This promo code is valid for ANY product of our store.

◘ As a gift, you are guaranteed to receive a random account on the Origin platform, where there will be at least one paid game! Sometimes a gift pays for the whole purchase!
Everything is very simple, to receive a gift you need:
1) Click on the review "Good"
2) Leave your comment and add "I want a gift"
3) Within 1-2 days you will receive a gift in correspondence
Read more: yadi.sk/i/pBwd1ifimrd8P
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