Medal of Honor Limited Edition - ORIGIN Account
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Medal of Honor Limited Edition - ORIGIN Account

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In the latest addition, the character through the time portal can go to the future, where the level of technology is much more developed, also in the game many unique interactions become available, such as moving on a flying board or in a jetpack, traveling with a monorail or a lift or trying on attractive futuristic hairstyles and outfits. Now you can create plumbots and program its behavior. Also in the city of the future will live the descendants of the controlled character.

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The single player campaign of the game Medal of Honor was created with the participation of real fighters of elite special forces and gives the player a unique chance to try himself in the role of these magnificent soldiers. Players will have to apply all the unique skills of the Fur Seals, Delta squad and US Army rangers to infiltrate enemy territory and conduct a military operation in modern Afghanistan. You have to take part in the most realistic and incomparable battle.

The multiplayer mode Medal of Honor immerses players in a battle in which the tension does not subside even for a moment. To survive in this game, you will have to learn to fight. Two teams, each of which can have up to 12 players, fight with each other on eight maps - in the mountains, valleys and cities of Afghanistan. In this unique game, you will find modern military equipment, a realistic model of destruction and a weapon change system that allows you to create many of its modifications with your own hands. When the battle is over, you can compare your results with those of other players in the skill tables of leaders.
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