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Battlefield: Hardline - a new game in the popular series in the genre of first-person shooters from the studio Visceral Games, which is dedicated to the work of police special forces Nick Mendoza. The game will develop on the streets of Los Angeles, and the main factions are the fighters of the rapid reaction assault group (SWAT) and gangs of various stripes. You will have access to the entire arsenal of modern police rapid response units.

There are four classes to choose from in the game: Enforcer, Mechanic, Operator, Professional. New network modes will also appear: Heist, Rescue, Hotwire Mode and Blood Money.
Origin account of the form: Username and password! The game language is random, it can be either Russian or another language of the game

Additional information

When purchasing this product as a gift, you can get 1 Random Origin!

Everything is very simple, to receive a gift you need:
1) Click on the review "Good"
2) Leave your comment and add "I want a gift"
3) During the day you will receive a gift in correspondence

Immediately after the purchase you receive a licensed ORIGIN
✅ View account - login @ domen: password (data from entering Origin).
✅ License account
✅ In most cases, bonus games on your account

Also, upon purchase, you agree to the rules:
❗ Any other games on the account are a bonus, but the performance of these games is not guaranteed.
❗ Access to mail and the answer to a secret question are not provided.
❗ The language in the game is random, it can be either Russian or another language of the game
❗ What is a "WARRANTY"? - If you have problems accessing your account within a month, you will receive a replacement!
❗ Make sure your computer meets the Minimum Game Requirements.

❗ Please, if at least one item does not suit you do not buy the goods.
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