Minecraft with License (launcher)
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Minecraft with License (launcher)

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Minecraft with License (launcher)
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Description of goods

An account with a Minecraft license to enter the launcher, such an account makes it possible to play on licensed servers for a minimum price. Instant delivery of goods after payment.

Minecraft is a legendary sandbox indie game. Simply put, this is a unique game where you can craft items with your own hands and build incredible architectural fantasies. You can build medieval castles, wooden ships and entire cities, brick by brick, similar to the world of the designer, only in virtual reality.

Important information:
1. The store provides access to purchase immediately after payment, you do not have to wait a minute.
2. The purchase data is displayed in a browser window and comes to your E-mail automatically after payment.
3. E-MAIL ADDRESS - mail access is not provided.
4. SECRET QUESTION - no answer is provided.
5. BAN - for example, the account was banned on the server "hypixel" or any other, this is possible. The ability to play on other servers remains. In this case, no replacement or refund is made.
6. We are not responsible for your actions. Maybe you changed your password, resold it, gave it to a friend, viruses on the computer, etc.
7. Refund only if the seller is not able to make a replacement within 72 hours from the date of purchase, otherwise there is no return.
8. The seller has the right to respond to the buyer's message within 72 hours, usually the answer is within 12 hours, depending on the load. Please do not leave a bad review before solving the problem.

Additional information

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