Buy Random Battlefield account (Hardline, 4, 3) + bonus for 0.77 dollars 🔥

Random Battlefield account (Hardline, 4, 3) + bonus

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Try your luck! Get an Origin license account with a random Battlefield account will be delivered instantly, you can find it in the "Paid item" field. In these accounts you will be GUARANTEED at least one game from this list: 1) Battlefield Hardline (Drop chance of 27%) 2) Battlefield 4 Premium (Drop chance of 11%) 3) Battlefield 4 (Drop chance of 34%) 5) Battlefield 3 Premium ( Drop rate 9%) 6) Battlefield 3 (Standard Edition or End Game, Aftermath, Armored Kill, Close Quarters, Limited Edition) (Drop rate 19%) accounts of the form: Login: Password There may be accounts with a secret question. All accounts go without mail. By purchasing this product you agree to the rules of the purchase. Good luck!

Additional Information:

Questions on purchased accounts are resolved ONLY through the Correspondence form with the seller! Warranty at the time of sale "-" (within 30 minutes from the date of purchase) ". ATTENTION !!! In order to avoid misunderstandings related to invalid account, we recommend that you record a video from the time of payment to the entrance to the mail. If the mail is not working - Provide a video as evidence of the account’s invalid status to the seller Important information: LEAVING A NEGATIVE REVIEW BEFORE SOLVING THE PROBLEM, YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY FILL IN THE BLACK LIST, THEN FURTHER ALL YOUR ATTEMPTS TO PURCHASE THE GOODS WILL BE INCLUDED! E IN CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE SELLER, WE RESPOND INSTANTLY. Before buying, carefully read the rules below! all the nuances Rules: 1. The guarantee for the account is exclusive at the time of sale, I am solely responsible for entering the account 2. Accounts cannot be returned or exchanged 3. Account replacement is possible only if it has not been entered. In such cases, just write to me within 20 minutes after the purchase in the form: "Correspondence with the seller" 4. after purchasing the account, all responsibility for it lies with you 5. Accounts were not checked in the presence of a secret question! Purchase Agreement: 1. For each account, the warranty is valid only at the time of sale. 2. The store provides you with an account immediately after payment. All accounts have the form - login @ domen: password. 3. All data change operations are performed by the buyer. 4. After purchasing the account, its further fate is completely on your shoulders. We cannot control the account and your actions. Maybe you changed your password / resold / gave a friend / viruses on the computer / etc. 5. If the account you bought is not valid (login: password does not fit), then immediately (within 20 minutes) we write a message through the form "Correspondence with the seller" (available after payment for the goods). Do not confuse with the form with a REVIEW! 6. A refund is possible only if it is not possible to replace an invalid account within 24 hours. Any claims are accepted only with the recorded video of the purchase and entering the account in the game client! Scammers by the forest! If you do not agree with at least one of the points, please refrain from buying. Thank! AFTER PURCHASE YOU CAN RECEIVE A GIFT ACCOUNT STIM ACCOUNT, STIM KEY, ACC ORIGIN, RANDOM! FOR THIS IT IS NECESSARY TO WRITE IN THE POSITIVE FEEDBACK "I WANT A GIFT"

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