CS: GO - Random Weapon Stattrak
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CS: GO - Random Weapon Stattrak

Transaction Guarantee
Instant receipt

Description of goods

After payment you will receive a special unique 16th code. Using the code, you will receive from the seller Random Stattrak weapons from the CS: GO game in the quantity you purchased. Items for the game CS: GO.

ATTENTION! When you pay for the goods, but he won’t immediately come, don’t be scared !!! The bot sends the goods within 16 hours (when I give him the link to the exchange offer myself) Please do not leave negative feedback if 16 hours have not passed since the sale!
To deliver Stattrak weapons, make sure you have Steam Guard enabled more than 7 days ago !!!
After the purchase, you will receive a stattrak weapon worth from 10 to 800 rubles.
Make sure you have inventory open.

How to receive the goods:
After payment, write to us in the section of correspondence with the seller on the page of the purchased goods, the following:
1) Indicate your link to the exchange:
The first way to find this link, you will see in the eighth picture of the product description (above).
The second way:
1. Follow this link http://steamcommunity.com/id/ramrika/tradeoffers/privacy
2. Enter your username and password if you have not done so already.
3. Scroll the wheel down and there you will see a link. Here it must be sent to the seller in correspondence, along with a unique code received after payment!
2) Indicate the 16-digit code that you received after payment.

Additional information

Attention! The action is held! When you write a positive review and the phrase in this review "I want a gift" you have a chance to get a random item CS: GO.

Also for a positive feedback you will receive a gift certificate in the amount of 5% of the amount paid!
If for some reason you canceled the exchange, then the funds paid will not be returned.

Guaranteed delivery of goods within 16 hours!
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Please do not put negative feedback before contacting the seller
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