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The new engine and realism. Powerful physics game engine Frostbite 3, allowing developers to realize the most crazy ideas into reality. Many gamers say realism, which is stunning and can give odds of any game.

Multiplayer. Feature of the game Battlefield 4, for which he was so fond of the players - is a multiplayer mode in which you can kill the enemy not only infantry, but also use air, land and sea types of military equipment. And it is worth a lot. You can feel like a participant in actual combat events.

Destructible. If the enemy is hiding in the building, it can destroy, break the wall and smash the building into dust. The scale of fighting battles is amazing. Beautiful animation, realistic firing weapons, and more.

Plot. It is impossible to ignore the story that tells about the events in the Middle East. Cinematic single-user rolls over. Having bought Battlefield 4, a lot of fun and the shock of the fall of skyscraper during multiplayer game modes. It is a sight worth seeing.

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